OUR STORYThe Holographic Universe – Nature Health Healing System
The Holographic Universe – Nature Health Healing System

The research and development team was led by Mr.Chiming Chen.In 2002, Mr. Chen started with the extraction of Taiwan’s first White Lotus Essence. In 2004, the first book"Discover Taiwan Flower Essence"was published, and he was committed to promoting the development of the Qi of Flowers and the healing power of nature.

After decades of research and development, systems of the Qi of Flowers from Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, and China were build globally. More than 300 kinds of flowers, herbs, minerals, galaxies series, and earth natural healing systems were extracted.

Flower Cards Emotions Analysis System
Exploring the Crux of Emotions Intuitively

Using "flower" as the psychological projection image, and the unique "flower card emotion analysis card array" as a technical analysis tool, which accurately analyzes the crux of body, mind, emotions and diseases. It helps us understand the negative entanglement of emotions and relationships, resolves the balance of emotions, and enhances the health concept of life holographic universe!

Oriental Qi of Flowers combines the knowledge of modern quantum science, vibration science, Traditional Chinese medicine sentiment science, botanical medicine, five element color science, psychology and homeopathic natural medicine, inheriting Taoist health training system, Buddhist enlightenment system, and Indian yoga energy system, etc. The great wisdom of Eastern cosmic life philosophy, with the healing power of nature, self-repairs the wounds of the mind, body, and spirit, and practicing the value of the holographic universe of soul!

The message of the universe spreads to the world, the Qi of flowers spreads love to purify the heart.

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Flamma Oriental Qi of Flowers
The Holographic Universe—Nature Health Healing System